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Will Faber

Saarbrücken 1901 -
Ibiza 1987

Will Faber was born on May 25, 1901, in Saarbrücken, Germany. He began studying painting in Munich in 1924 but went to Berlin in 1926. There he befriended Käthe Kollwitz and Willi Jäckel.
His artistic works at this time had a strong orientation towards Expressionism. In 1934, Faber left Germany to move to Barcelona. In Spain, he began a new phase in his painting. Inspired by the Cubists, Futurists, and Dadaists, Faber blended single letters into his paintings and wove them with calligraphic and pictorial details into a unified whole. Will Faber was also fascinated by space and the cosmos. He therefore brought elements of cosmic chaos into his works, creating a chaotic unity. Fleeing from the Spanish Civil War in 1934, he went to Ibiza.
Will Faber died there in 1987 after a long career with numerous exhibitions and honors in Europe and abroad.

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